How to contact us?

The best way to contact us is to join the Linux Mint Development channel in the Linux Mint Matrix space.

Wait for people to answer. It might take hours, or days even, but eventually someone might reply.


Translations are done on Launchpad. This includes both Cinnamon and Linux Mint translations. Help is particularly needed near release time since a lot of new words need to be translated for newer versions of Cinnamon and Mint tools.

You can also join a Linux Mint translation team if you wish.


Mint and Cinnamon projects are found on GitHub. The languages used are mainly C, Javascript and Python. It is a good idea to talk to us on the IRC before starting any coding work. Do not email developers directly. Everything shall be discussed on the IRC (see above for how not to get ignored on the IRC. If you are ignored, you are doing it wrong).

Reporting an issue

So. You have a problem with Cinnamon. Something's not working. What should you do about it?

First have a look at the bug tracker of Cinnamon or whatever project you find the bug in. There is a search button, and see if someone has reported the issue already. GitHub unhelpfully defaults to searching open issues only, but search in both open and closed issues.