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Linux Mint Projects

Other Linux Mint projects include:

Mint Backup

Home Directory Backup Tool - Easily backup and restore your personal data and your software selection.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintbackup

Mint Desktop

Desktop configuration tool - Configures some aspects of the desktop.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintdesktop

Mint Drivers

UI application to configure proprietary drivers.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintdrivers

Mint Install

A software manager to easily install new applications.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintinstall

Mint Live Installer

Is an application which provide "Live Install" of Linux Mint from CD/DVD/USB media
GitHub: /linuxmint/live-installer

Mint Locale

Application to configure system locale.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintlocale

Mint Menu

One of the most advanced menus under linux. Mint Menu supports filtering, favorites, easy uninstallation, autosession, and many other features.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintmenu

Mint Nanny

Domain blocker for Linux Mint. Blocks outgoing traffic towards chosen domain names using /etc/hosts
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintnanny

PIA Manager

A VPN configuration tool for PIA, Private Internet Access. Configure your PIA VPN.
GitHub: /linuxmint/pia-manager

Mint Sources

Configure the sources for installable software and updates, manage PPAs and authentication keys.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintsources

Mint Stick

Is a graphical application to write .img and .iso files to USB keys. It can also format USB keys from a contextual menu in Cinammon, MATE, and KDE desktops.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintstick

Mint Themes and Icons

A collection of Mint themes for GTK2 and GTK3

Mint Translations

Package with localization files for Linux Mint applications and services.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mint-translations

Mint Update

Is a graphical application to which helps installing security updates and new versions of packages.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintupdate

Mint Upload

Uploads files on the Internet mintUpload allow you to upload files on the Internet. This makes it easier to share or send big files which would not fit in an email.

Mint Welcome

Linux Mint - welcome dialog. Shows important information about the release/edition of Linux Mint.
GitHub: /linuxmint/mintwelcome